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How long will the 50th anniversary celebration last?


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My wife and I were looking at going during the summer of 2021 (knowing the 50th anniversary isn't until Oct 2021 but hoping they were going to start the celebration early), but we are going to push our plans back to summer 2022. How long do you think the celebration will last? We want to go to help celebrate Disney. I do know the 25th anniversary celebration lasted 15 months (with the cake castle, which some people hate but I really like because that was my first time seeing the castle)


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They tend to at times draw things out. Its speculative that they may extend the celebration in the hopes that more locals and far away guests are drawn in over a longer period of time to reclaim lost profits. Celebrating not only the 50th but hopefully the end to the Covid crazies can add more months. They cant/wont go too long to where it gets old and stale to where it loses its significance. No one can predict what measures they will take.
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