How is the opening of Galaxy's Edge affecting your plans?

I'm Sep 7-14, and can't change. I was hoping for some unannounced soft opening good luck, like what happened to me a few years ago with Enchanted Tales with Belle and Little Mermaid, where we just walked in with zero lines because no one knew they had opened.


My AP expires September 18th and to get value room rates my husband and I had planned on going September 6th-13th. I went ahead and booked it today because I was worried about the availability of rooms later. My husband is super excited about seeing SWGE. I hate crowds, so I'm nervous. The things we do for our significant others.


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Earlier this year we booked August 6 - 13 to avoid the madness. Last time we went we missed the opening of Frozen by a week. I'll let you know the next time we plan a trip so you can plan accordingly for whatever is opening that year.


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We have ours planned for September 10-19. I’m beyond excited but I’m worried that this will disrupt the reasonable crowd levels in others parks. I hope they extend the hours or give
Resort guests a chance st extra magic hours or something. Anything to alleviate the insanity. (I’m super stoked though.) being a Disney novice (one trip as an adult and one as a kid) I’m not sure what to expect besides either utter insanity or something in the middle.


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Currently booked Nov 13-22nd.... and considering cancelled and going to Mexico instead lol. Was really looking forward to bring our 1yr old daughter for the first time, but the crowds and chaos might be a bit much. Not really sure what to do. On the flip side, seeing SWGE in person would be pretty amazing.

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Currently booked Sept. 16 -20, but thinking about cancelling and going for Nov. 21 - 25 instead. Hoping the initial rush will have died down a bit (at least in all the parks except HS.) No illusions about riding anything at GE.


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Still planning on end of October no matter what. I more curious to see the land...if I don’t get on a ride in the land that’s fine for this year.

Looking forward to gondola ride from Pop, Epcot Forever, seeing Epcot work going on, food and wine until sick of the crazy people, fall decorations changing to Christmas, maybe something new for Halloween party, seeing Tron construction.


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Wife and I were talking Florida August 17 to 30 and I was thinking maybe go for a few days to take advantage of Canadian resident discount. ( must purchase by March 15th) We aren’t interested in Studios even with Star Wars. Wondering if the chance of soft openings might draw people away from EPCOT and AK or are lots of folks going to change plans and flood all the parks in those last days before Star Wars opens?


I check in 8/28. Can’t change as I rented DVC points and have my airfare. I deliberately picked this time for the lowish Labor Day crowds, F& W, MNSSHP and to miss this madness


Holy crap. I went and booked a September 4 thru 11 stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge with DVC Rental, thinking it would be the quiet before the Galaxys Edge storm later in the my trip starts opening WEEK! 😫🤬😏🤣

Well, gotta look at the bright side. I’ll get to see Star Wars land! Definitely wasn’t expecting this to be part of our vacation! And with any luck, MAYBE this will have the effect of making the rest of the parks LESS crowded because everyone is at Star Wars. Wishful thinking 🤷‍♂️
Me too renter at BCV thinking it would be the calm before the storm


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Was thinking of going right after Labour Day, now I’m not so sure. Was only going for MNSSHP, but the hotels and busses will probably be busier.


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We're booked for Sept. 10th-17th. 20th anniversary (so no kids) Was kinda looking forward to the low crowds but it is what it is. At least I'll be able to get around the parks without kids in tow. My daughter has a basketball tournament in Anaheim at the end of July, I was planning on sneaking over to check out SWGE that weekend but now I'll probably just wait until September.


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We were already planning on being there at the end of August to catch the early Halloween parties. Not sure if this will make us push it back as we're not exactly big SW fans and aren't sure how this will affect our plans there.

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