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How Have You Disney-fied Your Own Home?


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I have the Mickey and Minnie hand pot holders hanging on my wall in the kitchen as well as lots of disney magnets on my fridge.
IN the living room I have a Donald Duck lithograph over my piano as he is conducting an orchestra.
I have my one of my Disney and a Pixar stock certificate framed in the den, and a Mickey in Star Wars stuffed animal as well as pictures of my daughter and I on various rides in the parks.
In my bedroom I have dumbo, chesire cat, gold anniversary mickey mouse ears, and thumper stuffed animals, and a MIckey back scratcher on the dresser
My car has a WDW license plate holder and mouse ears on my antenna (I also have rocky and bullwinkle hanging from my mirror, but that is another park lol)


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Here is my Mickey half bath. I did this last summer when I just couldn't take the wallpaper from the 80s that was still there.

I made the curtains myself. The Mickey fabric came from eBay.

I designed the towel rack and tp holder, my dad made them for me out of wood and I painted them. I found the towels and soap dishes at Target.


The border was traced from a cookie cutter then all hand painted. At first I was afraid they would look sloppy but they turned out better than I expected!


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In the Parks
I'm resurrecting this thread...

I just moved into my own apartment (FINALLY!) and I need some dis-inspiration for decorating. I can't paint, but everything else is fair game.

We have to have some more photos out there - c'mon people - share!!


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A year ago we changed our home to have the sounds of Disney fireworks and the 'glow over the trees' of said fireworks. We have become Disney adjacent (with many Cast members as neighbors).


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I love this thread!
I haven't got any pictures as yet as we haven't moved into our house yet, but I did buy this off ebay the other week:

And I'm currently drawing me a Splash Mountain Poster to go somewhere:


And we bought these picture to find a home for:


I'm sure there's more but most of my stuff has been boxed since May so I forget what I own!


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Christmas time is really the only time anything Disney related is really out. We have a whole Disney theme on our tree.

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