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How does Skippy get transported


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Well with all the talk about AE dying out painfully. I've got to ask the question, how does Skippy get transported from his tube?

Ive always wondered about it and from where I stand every time I cant see any ways out, obivously not through the top.

SO HOW DOES HE GET REMOVE!:brick: :confused:


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It's all done with mirrors. You can see this for yourself by waching the bubbles in the center tank and watching those in the tanks on both sides, you will see they are identical. And what mkt said!


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Originally posted by X2CommNavISTC
Ah ha, so he never really goes anywhere, they just turn the mirrors on. Gotcha.


That's not what they said.
Skippy goes up and down on lifts that you can't see because they are covered by mirrors.

Nothing but smoke and mirrors, my friend!
Oh...and those lifts....


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