How does everyone deal with there WDW addiction between trips?


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Planning Disney-themed birthday parties for the kids. Just did Peter Pan for the boy. Still arguing with the girl about Tink vs. Frozen vs. Snow White. I already bought the Snow White cake topper a month ago, I'm gonna win this argument.

And Disney Halloween costumes. Tink & Hook this past year. Olaf & Elsa the year before.... I really want to do Belle & Gaston next year if the kids will agree. Or Phillip & Aurora.... Maybe Rapunzel & Flynn?

And trips to the Disney store at the mall, or the Disney section at JC Penney. Or just the on-line store. Do you like my custom Peter & Wendy raglan t-shirt? We got them specially made for the parties-trip-Halloween-whatever. And shoot, she's grown out of the old glitter-fart cinderella gown, need to order a new one before the next trip.

Or lurking on this and other Disney sites (allears, wdwinfo). Or joining and sharing useless information. Or watching old school videos on Youtube or Vimeo. Horizons ride-throughs make me cry a little bit. Or reading the blogs of people that are just as obsessed as me....

Making reservations for the next trip 6 - 12 months in advance. And then obsessively planning the details. I know where I will be on March 30th at 11:30 am, do you?

Just joined the movie club and I'm finally redeeming 6 years worth of movie rewards. Really hoping to get a copy of Johnny Tremaine soon...

And then ABC Family on the weekends, and Galavant on Sundays this month. And when's the TCM Disney Vault thingy? I watched Tron on cable the other night. Whoa.

And then reading the books about Disney mgmt and leadership and values. Creating Magic right now. See, I'm trying to turn my work into WDW too.

And then at home, I read the fiction too. Not the Kingdom Keepers, but that other stuff that's not sanctioned by the mouse. Cuz it's so cool when there's an action scene and it's at my favorite spot on a ride, and it's described just like it is in real life.... sniffles.

This is like therapy. And now I'm ashamed. :geek:


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I totally understand where you're coming from. We usually watch a bunch of YouTube videos of attractions and even watch the walk through videos some people post. We also have the Disney Parks blu ray.


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That blu-ray was such a ripoff for me - just a compilation of shows that had been airing over the past several years. I already had all of them, and then I wasted my money on this collection!


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I love seeing these topics because it shows that none of us who love WDW so much are alone! We all deal with the depression and withdrawal once we leave. The folks above have put out some really good ones. Here is my advice:

1. These message boards and others like them. The great thing is you can visit them every day and there are always new things to see!

2. Podcasts. WDW Radio, the DIS podcast, Mickey Miles podcast (if you are a runner) are some of my favorites. It always helps to hear voices of other disney fans talking about disney stuff!

3. Put together a scrapbook of your trip (I mean, a really really awesome scrapbook).

4. Look at old pictures / scrapbooks from previous trips.

5. Get crazy and actually start your own blog as a way to have an excuse to write about all things disney. Heck, I did, and it is a lot of fun. Check it out if you are interested.

6. Listen to disney music. There are a lot of good sources out there. My wife has to be sick of being forced to listen to grim grinning ghosts while I get ready in the morning.

7. Watch youtube videos of walk throughs in the parks and ride throughs of attractions.

8. Finally, plan your next trip (even if you have no idea of when that will be)!

Hope that helps!

Susan Savia

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Well, like yesterday, we popped in a video my husband did in October 1990. My son was 4 and daughter was 7. Oh what great memories and
looking at the old rides that are no longer there was neat. Today were going to look at 1989's trip.
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