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How do we include photos in trip reports?


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Okay, I feel really stupid here. I used to post TRs all the time, but it's been 5(!) years, and I'm finally finishing my wedding trip report. Back in the day, I would just share the link to the image in Picasa (now Google photos), and all was well with the world. I posted an update yesterday and did the same thing, just copied the image address in Google Photos and used the image embed, pasting the link. Except no one can see them (and I realized after testing in multiple browsers, I can see them only because I'm logged into my Google account).

So apparently I've gotten old and ditzy in the last five years -- can someone help me?! Thanks!!

Master Yoda

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Check your settings for Google Photos. If it is set to private, then you can not hotlink the photos. I am pretty sure you can make one particular gallery public so you don't have to give the entire know universal access to all of your pictures.

The other option is to upload them by using the attach files button.

10-11-2019 10-40-47 AM.jpg


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Thanks @Master Yoda - from what I can find, you can't just change the privacy settings in Google Photos anymore. You can only share by sharing a link. I'll just use the attachment then (I feel like this wasn't a "thing" when I was first posting TRs...could we always upload directly to WDWM?).
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