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How do I use my expired but unused tickets?


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I have a set of fully-paid, but wholly unused six-day park hopper tickets left over from November 2022. The website says: "After expiration date, the price paid for a wholly unused ticket can be applied to the purchase of a new ticket with an equal or higher price." How, exactly, do I apply those tickets to purchase new tickets for a later date? Thanks in advance.


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Thats something handled via Guest Relations or a ticket booth. They must be "bridged" to a current entitlement.

Tickets – Frequently Asked Questions​

I purchased theme park tickets years ago and never used them. Are they still valid?
Walt Disney World Resort continues to honor all unexpired theme park tickets with remaining admission days.
However, be aware that unless you purchased the No Expiration Option, theme park tickets purchased after 2004 expire 14 days after their first use. While the No Expiration Option is no longer available, if you have previously purchased theme park tickets with the No Expiration Option, your tickets will still be honored.
If you have additional questions about your specific theme park tickets, please check with Guest Relations at the theme parks or call (407) 939-1289. Guests under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian permission to call.
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