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How awesome is this? If Disney Princesses were real....


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I just saw this on yahoo also. Belle was pretty but I am disappointed it was just a small head and shoulders shot.

I am waiting for the whole Esmeralda, Mulan and Megara are not princesses thing to start.


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When will people pick up a history book. Pocohontas was a real person, and looked absolutely nothing like that.


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imagineer boy

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For some reason I think animated Belle looks way better than the real life one. Her face kinda looks like she's saying "Chah, like, whatever." :lol:

My vote goes to Esmerelda for the hottest though.


On the edge of glory.
I don't get the point of this. You can see what any of the princesses look like in "real life" by visiting one of the parks and going to a meet and greet.

What am I missing here? :veryconfu


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Jessica Rabbit ought to be deemed a "princess" for these intents and purposes. :D

***** I know, right?? ;)

These are awesome!! But where is Cinderella?? My favorite was definitely Jasmine; she looks absolutely what I'd imagine a real life version would look like. I also thought Mulan looked amazing. :)


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Mulan reminds me of Michelle Kwan a bit (who's not Chinese, but I don't care)...that reminds me is she still single? :D

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