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Horse(s) used for Headless Horseman


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Hi, As we approach Halloween and as an avid horsewoman, I have been watching some of the parade videos. I wonder does anyone know how many horses Disney uses for the Headless Horseman? I have never seen a stable so it's intriguing to me to know where the one or two are stabled.

Also, the horse seems to know the route better than the rider so it's evident they practice after hours riding the path. Anyone care to share their thoughts on this horsey matter?



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Good Question. I would assume that the horses would @ Tri-Circle D stables in Fort Wilderness most of the time, but there has to be a small temp stable backstage in MK where it would be held during the party.


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I was also very intrigued about the training that went into the Horseman's ride a few years ago. So my son and I made a trip to Tri-Circle D the day after we attended MNSSHP. The horse they were using was/is named Khan and as far as I know, they are still using him. He is magnificent. They were begining to train another horse at that point and I don't know if that horse worked out and they are sharing the work but, as I said, I am sure that Khan is still being used. We spent a very long time with Khan's trainer and he is also the Headless Horseman. It was really the highlight of that trip. And yes, there are facilities for the horses off of Main Street, behind the firehouse.


I know a few years ago we met the horse at Tri-Circle D but his name was Jack. Is Jack no longer being used? Perhaps that might explain why the Headless Horseman used to gallop down the route and now he sort of trots?


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BTW, if you haven't done it, take a boat over to FT Wilderness, or if you're staying at the WL, rent a surrey and roll over to the stables. It's one of the few very old operations still running like it has for decades. You can get very up close to the horses, often the handlers will let you interact with them, sometimes not, but still. So far, it's one of those things that I don't think even the most cynical of these forums can call a cash grab.


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Let's hope we don't have any accidents this year.

Poor guy.

That is crazy, I was just about to post that I was at MNSSHP in 2012 when the horse fell. And then I saw your post, so I went to the YouTube page to see when it was posted, and it was Oct 2012. I am somwhere in the darkness of that video very close to that spot. At the time it was scary for a second, I was afraid the horse might have broken a leg or something, but the horse (and horseman) seemed fine afterwards.

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