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Horizons Hotel Concept


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First of all, Im sorry for the delay. On the day I was gonna write this out there was a blackout that lasted several hours and by the time it was over I had to get ready for work.

Getting back to the subject, the idea was to use the concepts from the original horizons ride to create a series of hotel wings all themed around giving guests a futuristic hotel experience. The hotel wings would consist of land, air, underwater, and space. The land wing would serve as the general lobby as well as home for a restaurant, gift shop, and the metro station for getting to the other wings. Travel to the wings would consist of vehicles giving guests a journey through a simulated travel to their new hotel wing they will be staying at. The air travel will consist of flying to a floating city high above the clouds. The underwater travel will take you to a sea base hidden deep in the ocean. The space travel will send you high into the air as you land on a space base orbiting above the planet. Each wing will consist of an enclosed hotel that presents guests with a number of different illusions that suggest they are somewhere else.

The Airship guests will find themselves in what appears to be a floating ship flying high in the sky. Although access to the outside is not possible, you will be able to enjoy spectacular views of various environments on the land below including what appears to be disney world.

The underwater guests will arrive at a dome shaped environment with numerous differing species of fish swimming in a variety of aquariums as well as a large dome above revealing the ocean above. The hotel rooms each offer different views of the ocean floor with everything from a common reef environment to a nearby shipwreck teaming with fish. The environments will be randomized to give each guest a different view so as to make the trip fairly unique. Besides the ocean view from the rooms, aquariums will be very commonly seen throughout the wing with many present even in common facilities like the pool area. As you would expect, there is a seafood restaurant focused on anything from sushi for adults to sea food based items for the kids.

I will update this with the space concept after work tomorrow. I need to get some sleep.
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