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Has anyone else had to fight for their hopper pass refund? Every even year since 2012 I attend an anesthesia conference at the YC and we make a full week out of it at the parks. Since we go like clockwork, we booked our upcoming trip (2.5 weeks way!) back around the new year. We book the whole lot at once w/ the convention hotline which makes it more convenient to keep everything together. Never had an issue, and it had always been a great way to get CEUs and see Disney partly on my employer’s buck. 😉

Problem is now that there are no park hoppers, Disney has been making it very hard to get our refund before we are in the parks. I wouldn't have a problem dealing with it when we are in Florida, IF it could be done at the hotel at our convenience. BUT we were told it had to be done at customer service INSIDE the park. I dont want to sound like an entitled whiner but with the park hours being cut, I’m not spending a minute inside a guest services line to get money back that should have already been refunded! Furthermore the first rep we spoke to told us if we didnt go “claim” our refund before we left WDW, we wouldn't be able to get it back at all!

Long story short, it took 3 calls and several hours before we got our hopper money back for our 8 days of passes. It isnt a HUGE amount of money but it will still pay for our food budget for a few days. I guess I am just disappointed in the whole process and the fight to get a refund that I figure a ton of people will also be receiving. Is it just the convention reservation people? Anyone else have this issue?

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When I called, the CM had no problem with the refund of Park Hoppers and the purchase of Daily Tickets. The longest time I had was waiting for them to answer. But, then again, I did this back in September. Just remember boys and girls that the CMs are working out of their house, that's why it takes them a little longer to look up stuff.


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A lot of your experience, sadly, has to do with the particular CM you draw.
I’ve called and was told there was nothing that could be done. I’ve hung up and called back and had my issue taken care of in a few minutes. I use the wait time to clean up my apartment. Ha ha.

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