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Hoop Dee Doo ADR - on dining plan


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I noticed you can book an ADR for HDDR online. I always thought you had to call for the shows? There is only an option to pay for it with your credit card but what if you are using dining credits? Is there a way to choose that you are using the DDP online? I am thinking I will still call this one in on 180 day mark coming up, just incase.

Also, there will be 4 of us. Myself on my own resort reservation and my friend, her DH and her daughter and they are staying at AoA. I remember going with a friend in 2012 and staying at a different resort than them, and we were all booked for HDDR at the same table... but I had to go to their resorts concierge at BLT to get my dining plan credits taken off since my friend booked the ADR. Do you still have to do this, or do they have the handheld device now like the rest of the restaurants do to scan your magic band. It would great if they had this so my friend doesn't have to trek over to Riverside since I am making the ADR. Magic Bands were not out yet in 2012 so I am thinking I have nothing to worry about.

Thanks for any info and help!!!


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I have always booked my ADR for Hoop Dee Doo online; somewhere during the reservation process you can indicate being on the dining plan but you still need to provide a credit card number as well (in case of a no-show).
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