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Hong Kong Disneyland vs Shanghai Disneyland

Better park?

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ive never been to either, but I feel like shanghai is way bigger. and it has treasure cove, which on video looks like the greatest area in any disney park.


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I’ve not been to Shanghai but I was disappointed by videos I’ve seen. The park looks like it has some impressive rides but a hit too big and soulless

hong Kong was great. The park and the setting with the mountains are beautiful and the cast were so friendly. It was so laid back and less stressful than other resorts. If it was built out it could well be my favourite resort


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Shanghai is more unique and impressive, and there's very little there that's outright bad (Crystal Grotto being the notable exception). There was clearly a level of ambition and consideration that doesn't always register in Hong Kong.

That said, the fact that it's such a departure from the other Disney parks, often marketed as a selling point, can also make the park feel soulless, or at least like it's not a "real" Disney park. It doesn't feel like anything else, for good or ill.

Hong Kong Disneyland has gotten a lot of flack over the years for being undersized and (for a long time) having nothing original, but there's a certain something about it that doesn't register until you're there that makes it easy to underestimate. It is perhaps the most beautifully landscaped resort of all of them, and I love the way they do Halloween, totally different from anywhere else. I do worry about the long-term viability of the resort, but to their credit, their financial struggles have never been as obvious to the guest as it was in, say, Paris.

Shanghai has a better roster of headliner attractions, but Hong Kong has a better supporting lineup. Neither are perfect, but they each have their advantages. I'd rather go back to Hong Kong, so I suppose I will call it the "better" of the two, but really they complement each other and there's very little experiencial overlap. If you had the best of Hong Kong and Shanghai in one park (as both are undersized, attraction-wise), it'd really be something special.


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To people who have been to both do the local guests affect the feel in the park? When I visited Hong Kong there was a definite difference between the attitude of Hong Kongers and mainland visitors

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