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Honest Opinion About the new Star Wars Characters at the Parks


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Hello all,

I've seen numerous pictures and videos of the Stormtroopers and other Star Wars characters in the parks and I'm wondering what you all think of how they look. You don't have to be super picky about their armor, etc, but I am looking for an honest opinion on their appearances.
As for me, I have my initial impressions but I'm going to hold off saying anything until I see what you all as the "General Public" have to say.


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I only saw storm troopers at the Jedi training academy show back in October, before the movie came out obviously.
I still find it a little weird seeing Star Wars (marvel too) in Disney parks.


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I appreciate the "Stormtrooper humor" as displayed during Jedi Training and frankly everytime I see Vader I tear up. :cry:This is becoming my "Graceland"


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I don't mind them in DHS, I wish they actually had more, but I guess when the new land opens there will be plenty. The storm troopers look good, I really liked when they had them on the roof of the entrance at DHS during Star Wars Week.

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