'Holidays Around the World' to become 'Epcot International Festival of the Holidays'


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15 food Marketplaces..Eh? Just a reason for them to say..

Epcot: "But, we don't wanna clean up after the Food & Wine"
TDO: Fine but, could you at least cover the signs over from the other 3 International Festival Of signs..
Epcot: But, that's too haaaaaaaard
TDO: Do you want this festival or not?
Epcot: yeeeeeeesssss *Frowns*
TDO: And what about the stragglers from the Food & Wine you can't keep them here!
Epcot: But, We wanna keep them as pets.......
TDO: FINE! Just make them festive....
Epcot: Say no more.....


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It's not new they have been doing this for years. Eggs, paintings, remy. The charge isn't really for the map it's for the takeaway merch item: pin, magnet, keychain ect...
This. My dad and I were at Food and Wine last week and while we were walking around, we were keeping our eyes open for Remy. As long as you're ok with not getting the pin or whatever, it's free to enjoy.


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I think this is fine. It's not starting egregiously early, and I like holiday food. So what's the problem?

I agree that they should really move up ALL of the holiday entertainment to this new start date. Maybe next year? I'm sure it's too late to schedule an earlier start for Candlelight unless you want the "celebrity narrators" to be Disney Channel and Good Morning America stars.


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Perhaps this will alleviate Food & Wine Festival crowds?

Why rush an October visit when you can wait a few weeks for cooler weather and get pretty much the same thing with Christmas decorations!
Or a few months later for the same thing with Pop't Arts? Or six months later for the same thing with flowers?

Basically, pick how you want your booze. With art, flowers, Christmas trees, or...more booze.


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Well, this was a logical next step, although upping it to 15 food marketplaces is quite the jump.

15 kiosks vs 35 though.

And last year it was just 5 booths, just for a point of reference.

The name doesn't really roll off the tongue well, to me at least. Also can't they be bothered to start the Peace on Earth finale a few days early? Otherwise, I'm looking forward to this

Name change was to include the dog whistle 'festival.' It starts the salivation reflex and loosens the wallet.

And yes, I agree it should start earlier. MK's "holiday" starts the first week of November, but Epcot's doesn't begin until the last week of November. Throw in Thanksgiving... 'cause, you know... food and harvest. Sync 'em up!

Although, if Disney started Christmas as early as they start Halloween, Christmas would begin October 15!
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