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Holiday Season 2022


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Hi all. I booked a trip for November and was just wondering how the Christmas activities / decorations will affect the 30th anniversary celebration? Will they take down any decorations for the Christmas stuff or will they just keep both up? Also will all of the shows and parades (like d-lights and the 30th anniversary central plaza show) happen still or will it only be the Christmas ones?


In terms of decoration, it is a bit difficult to tell. However, I guess the 30th anniversary decorations (excepted the gardens) will stay for the Christmas season and Christmas decorations will be added where there is no 30th decoration.
In terms of shows, it has already been confirm that Dreams… and shine brighter!, the 30th anniversary show on Central Plaza won’t be performed during Halloween and Christmas seasons. It will most probably be replaced by Mickey’s Halloween Celebration and Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade. Disney D-Light should be performed.

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