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Holiday Inn Disney Springs - Yay or Nay?


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Have a small trip to Orlando for December (11/30 - 12/5 and first 3 nights are at Universal) and plan to do the holiday party at HS on 12/4, so we want to get to the Disney area when we check out of Universal on 12/3.

I will first state that I want to budget/price two options, and the first option is French Quarter at $715 total after taxes. We do not want to do Pop/AS (we've stayed at Pop before...but we did 8 nights at FQ in Dec '22 and fell in love).

Option 2: How do you feel about the Holiday Inn - Disney Springs? For 2 nights with a Fireworks view room, it was $475 after all fees/taxes and we can at least book a shuttle to get to HS for free (not sure we can get back after the party is over, will just uber). Also walking access to DS so we can catch a bus to any resort we may need to go to for any food plans.

I have never stayed off-site before, so my knowledge is near zero. What I am looking for is access to Disney Springs (either walk or shuttle) and the parks (shuttle to HS). If you have other suggestions that do not cost more than $500 total I am all ears (ha!). TIA!


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I’ve stayed at the Holiday Inn before - it’s fine. It’s a bit of a walk to Disney springs but certainly doable.

If the price were the same I’d definitely want to stay at Pop Century instead. (With parking and resort fees at the springs hotels the price can add up).

I typically stay at the Hilton with points, or I grab the Wyndham on Priceline. The Hilton and Wyndham are the closest to Disney springs.

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