Hobby Airport (Houston) to Galveston

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Hi all, I hope everyone is having a great Sunday. We are cruising out of Galveston in about a month and are flying via SW into Houston Hobby Airport. Our flight arrives at 1635 and we were wondering what the best means of transportation is to the Hotel San Luis.
A shuttle service (Galveston Limosine) leaves at either 1700 or 1900 and the same service offers a car for ~$147 each way. We’ve been considering Uber, but since we’ve never used it are a bit apprehensive. It is estimated to run ~$60-100 which would be substantially cheaper. Any advice or recommendation would be greatly appreciated!


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We've used Uber in the past and had no problems. It's very user-friendly. The app will show you a photo of your driver and a description of their vehicle, as well as show you where they are in relation to you, so you'll know exactly who to look for.

I'd download Uber and Lyft (you should get a bonus credit for each that can be used toward the cost of your first ride), and then select whichever is cheaper/has the closer driver when you need a ride. You can pay and tip through the apps themselves -- no need to carry cash. Just be sure that if your driver does a good job, you give them a good rating via the app when you're done.
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