Help with a caricature proposal


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Hello all!

I wanted to get a cariacture drawing done at Magic Kingdom this coming Wednesday. I wanted to secretly have the artist draw a bubble that says "will you marry me?", and have her surprised when they finish and show her.

Does anyone have any info on how to pull this off? Its just the two of us going. If I get lucky, and she happens to run to the bathroom, I can quickly run to the artist and give them the info. As a backup plan, im also going to bring a small note to slip to them just in case she's too close by for me to get a few words in.

But honestly, i dont know what the setup is like ... also, how do i get a photographer to be ready for the big moment?

Any info on how to set this up would be great!


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Aww. I have no idea how to help, but this is just so adorable. Best of luck to you!


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Well....its complicated, but I have an idea.
If she doesn't have to go to the bathroom, tell her you have to go. Ask her to get you a snack while you're gone. Ask for something not too far away that shes at the opposite side of the park, but that's also not close enough that she'll have an eye on you. Wait until she's out of sight, go up to the artist, and tell him what you want.
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