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So I’ve had a terrible time trying to get through Traditions and step into the magic. For Traditions I got lost and ended up being late so I had to reschedule and then today I was supposed to attend step into the magic and I was involved in a car accident and I couldn’t make it on time. I attempted to call to reschedule if possible but the office is closed. I am worried now that I will have my position terminated. If anyone has any information please help me.


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Sorry that this answer is really late. I hope that you got information you needed. But most of the time you could contact the HR department which is located by Disney springs if you are doing the program in Florida I don't know information for California though. But they will usually not give away your position unless they haven't heard from you in weeks. If they are closed on the day you call wait till the following business day and speak to your contact listed on your sheet or email too. I hope it works out or did work out I know instructions are not always easy with the training stuff.
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