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Hi Everyone,

We will be visiting the parks from Sunday Nov 17 - Tuesday Nov 19. We will have 4 adults that will spend all 3 days in the parks and a family of 4 (two kids ages 6 and 3) who will only spend two days in the park.

We will not be staying on he property. We are at a resort with a complementary shuttle not too far away.

I have put together a tentative plan (attached) and I would love some feedback!

The thought is that the family with the kiddos will sit out he first day while the adults rope drop Star Wars in the am and then head to Epcot to enjoy some food and drink for he food and wine festival the rest of he day. The family will join for the second two days. Monday is the only day that doesn’t have a Christmas party so I assumed that during the day this park would be the busiest so we can start the morning in animal kingdom. Then later in the afternoon head to MK to catch a few rides and see the show. The adults will then probably stay for after hours time!
The final day will finish up MK in the morning and then head to HS.

Will those park hops be feasible with kids and worth our time? I’m anticipating 30min-1hr to hop between parks, is that reasonable?


Thanks for you help, we can’t wait!
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I would plan an hour to park hop. Sometimes busses run slow, sometimes fast.

What do you mean by after hours at he Magic Kingdom? If you aren’t staying on property you won’t be able to stay for extra magic hours.

Do you have tickets already? I would definitely plan out your FP.

Honestly it sounds like a lot with two kids. If I was traveling with my kids (2 and 7) I would stick to one park for most of the day. And/or plan some downtime in the middle of the day.
In my opinion I don't like the concept of park hopping in general, but especially not with younger kids. By the time you get off your last ride at park 1, get the kids ready and move them along out of the park, through to the buses (since neither of your park hops involve an MK/Epcot you won't be able to just go with the monorail) wait for the proper bus, make the trip to the new park, go through security again, I think your park hop, door to door so to speak is going to be a lot closer to 90min than 30-60. I mean maybe its just me but I remember my 3 year old still taking naps in the afternoon. I don't know how much they are going to have in the tank for that second park hop. In my mind with kids, its better to focus on one park per day, and build in some down time around lunch time for rest.


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You may want to confirm what time and from where your bus from the offsite hotel will pick up and drop off.


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I second that you should check your shuttle times. Many off-site shuttles offer very limited pickup and drop off times. Some only drop at the TTC and you will need to get connecting Disney Transportation from there. Many pick up well before closing time.


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There’s a special ticketed Disney After Hours at the MK on Mon Nov 18. :geek:
I was a little worried that was the case.
OP, I would question whether it’s worth bringing the kids back to MK for just a couple hours. Have you already bought tickets to the after hours event for the adults? Might be better to just have the kids end the day at AK. They can play in the gravel pit (my kids would have happily spent hours there).
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