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Hello from JPB


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I am new to these forums - discovered as my wife and I are planning a week in WDW in October.

We are Disney nutters from way back - we have been to WDW about 7 times, and DLand almost yearly - a couple of dozen times total for us both.

I am pretty sure I've stumbled onto at least one person I know here as I have scanned the threads; it will be fun getting to know more of you all in the months ahead.

For those who don't know about this place, my favorite Disney place is now not a park at all: It is the Walt Disney museum in San Francisco. As I have said to all who ask (and many who don't) - it is the best magic of old-style Disney, refined, concentrated and laid pure in a small two-story structure.

Anyone planning to visit California who loves things Disney should visit this place.

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