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Height and Age Restrictions for Every Ride at Walt Disney World


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By Brooke Schuldt, Sep 15, 2016
WDWMAGIC Contributor

Whether it’s because there are an overwhelming amount of things to do at Walt Disney World or you are filled to the brim with excitement, you’ve probably been planning out your vacations for a few weeks or even months.

From what rides to hit first to where to eat and all the little things in between, there are a lot of things to consider while making your itinerary, especially if you are bringing small kids. There is nothing worse that hearing your little one talk for months about riding Splash Mountain, only to finally get there are realize that they are too small to ride.

That’s why we found every ride with a height restriction on property and created a list for you, so that you can start troubleshooting before you get to the end of the ride que line. Here is every single height requirement you need to know before stepping foot on Disney property.

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