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Heat this week


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Anyone else agree that its been over the top HOT this past week? Me and the wife have been 6 times, 4 times in September and it's never been this humid.

Can't take 3 steps outside our room without sweating lol


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YES. My oh my. I arrived last Saturday and I didn’t expect this kind of heat. The CMs have been saying that it’s hotter than it was all summer. We’ve sweated buckets, and I know I’ll never be able to talk my family into a September trip ever again!

But yesterday was way less hot, and I’m hoping that holds up so we can get through our final day at MK today without melting.


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I live in Jacksonville Beach and it has been weird. Very hot (heat index > 100F) during the day, but very mild at night. We took the dogs for a long walk Thursday night and ate outside last night. Is today technically the first day of Fall? Florida will continue to have hot spells for a few more weeks.
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