Heartwarming story from an Imagineer

For anyone who has some spare time, his entire lecture is on Youtube in ten 10 minute segments. You can search under Randy Pausch to find them. He is an expert in virtual reality and helped design Virtual Jungle Cruise and the virtual pirate ride for Disney Quest, according to his lecture. What an amazing person. I believe in miracles. I hope one comes to this man.



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Well, that was inspiring...

I just gotta remind myself that walls are for other people. Which, ironicly enough, answer my lingering question as to why they dont put up particularly good refurb walls (like ones that really prevent you from seeing stuff) at Disney.


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Oh my.
None of us know how long a time we have to make dreams come true, or to make a difference in the world. How many of us will wait till its too late to even try?


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Aww... thanks for posting the link! Seems reminiscent of Morrie Schwartz/Tuesdays With Morrie.

Oops...maybe he's not quite like Morrie, but similar.


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A year younger than I am. I just watched the full hour and 47 minutes... I cried several times, but I laughed more! What a wonderful speaker and truly an inspiring man.

I hope his children recognize how special the gift he's given them is when they watch that lecture in years to come.


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I too, watched the whole 104 minutes; 'head-fake' number two really hit home. Perhaps a miracle can happen, and save a truly fantastic human being.


What a great attitude!

Just finished watching the lecture, and I'm amazed at the spirit of this guy. I wish him and his family well.


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I haven't watched the lecture yet, but....wow. From what I've read so far, this is an amazing individual. What a sad, yet truly inspiring story.

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