Heads up to Sunpass Users - Check Your Statements!


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This is an FYI, since I know there are many regular visitors who own their own Sunpass transponders to use when in WDW.

The state has privatized parts of Sunpass and they went with the worst possible company: Conduent. They have a bad reputation when other states have privatized their toll collection.

Why do I bring this up? I have a multiple transponders - two sticker ones on each car I own, plus a movable one for when I rent for road trips. I rented a car last month at FLL to run errands (needed a larger car), and attached the movable transponder to it. I also added it temporarily to my account and flagged it as a rental car, and then removed it from my account upon return.

Anyway, one of the problems is that tolls were not posting to accounts until recently.

This is the relevant part: I just checked my Sunpass account, and I have been charged for every toll that the rental car has gone through since after returning it. It isn't much yet, but there are still dates left to post, and the car has been all over the state of Florida. I'm expecting over $100 in erroneous charges.

Needless to say, if you've been to Florida since June used your own Sunpass trapsonder, check your statements!
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