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HEA Maintenance Issues


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The last few times I’ve watched HEA, Tinkerbell hasn’t flown over the Magic Kingdom. Have I just visited on unlucky days or is this a maintenance issue they’ve been having? The first time I saw HEA after its return in April she flew but her “pixie dust” kept flickering off (It was off for more time than it was on). I also know that that for the final showing of DE they just shined a spotlight on her…


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We haven't considered that there can be occasional variations or technical issues during performances. Sometimes, weather conditions or maintenance requirements can affect Tinker Bell's flight or the special effects associated with it ((

So I bet it's possible that there was a technical glitch or a temporary issue that affected the timing and duration of the effect.

And as I know, Disney often makes adjustments to shows, and different versions or variations of shows can be presented at various times.

However, ok, have you tried reaching out to the official Walt Disney World Resort website and contacting guest services directly? They will likely have the latest information and can provide you with more specific details regarding any maintenance issues or changes to the shows...


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It’s the weather. For safety Tink won’t fly if it is too windy, if there is lightning within 5 miles or in rain.

I suppose there may be other conditions (tech difficulties, illness) but weather is the primary reason.

It was a little blustery on Wednesday night in the park and we suspected Tink would not fly and she didn’t.


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Central FL is moving into the rainy season, so there will be a lot of shows in the coming months when Tinkerbell is absent. Remember, it's always winder above us, too. So while it might feel like a gentle breeze standing in the hub, 189 feet above you it could be much windier.


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That all makes sense… when I watched it yesterday, half of Main Street (side closer to the flag pole) was projectionless and the show began 5 minutes early. The 5 minute announcement was abruptly cut off and the show just began… did they perhaps just want to get the show going in case there was weather coming or something?

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