Have you ever met or saw a Celebrity at a Disney Park?


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At Disneyland in August 2008 my DH, DD and BIL, just got through riding Splash Mountain. When I get to the counter where you can purchase your photo of this ride, I heard a commotion behind me. I turned around and there was Gary Busey. First thing that went through my mind was, where is DH?! He loves this guy (thinks he's wacky but non-the-less)

I searched and searched he was right behind me, where did DH go? When I realized Gary was staring at me and I politely said "Hello" and he smiled back and nodded. He was with a tall blond and they were wet...obiously from the ride:ROFLOL:

After I got my photo, I found DH in the "smoking" area, I told him, "See had you been right behind me, you would have gotten to meet Gary Busey" He was so mad at himself, he laughed about it.:)

Oh when I was a cast member I met Michael Eisner and had no idea who he was....I was 19...don't shoot me :animwink:

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I recently saw Joe Perry of Aerosmith on our trip in May the Thursday before SW Weekend.

I was standing in the courtyard of RNR near the exit waiting for my wife and oldest son when what first caught my attention was the VIP CM who was walking ahead. It just seemed like she was leading someone "important".

And right behind her were 4 people one with a white fedora, long black hair, black sunglasses, silver skull-like rings on his fingers, with his arm wrapped around a taller blonde woman. Two younger people, late teens-early twenties (maybe his kids?) were along side. He walked right past me and I could have sworn it was him. He walked from the exit across the RNR courtyard all the way past the FP machines and around. He went unnoticed, didn't have to stop to take one picture or sign one autograph. I was probably the only one who clued in that it might be Joe Perry.

I grabbed my camera, by this time he was on the opposite end, zoomed in and just commented that the guy in the white hat all the way over there might be him.

Anyway, when my wife and son came out I told my wife and she said that it was him. It just so happened that as they were walking through the gift shop she heard one CM ask another if they knew he was going to be in the park today.


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Back in 2007, my friend and I were walking around MK and we kept running into Brad Garrett. It was like every time we were getting on or off of a ride, he and his daughter were there too. It got to the point where his daughter would wave at us as she walked by, he kept laughing about it.

We were a bit too shocked to actually say anything to him though. :dazzle:


Dan Marino

We passed Dan Marino and his family in the Utilidors under Main Street during the Backstage Magic Tour way back in 1999 or 2000...


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Met Phil Collins at Disneyland in Tomorrowland back in 1988.

While he stopped to talk to me his wife and tour guide didn't seem to notice and kept right on walking to Mission to Mars.


My friends works at DHS - Sci Fi dine in theater and he just met that new american idol winner ( don't feel like looking up his name ) I guess he was a very nice person , I guess hes famous now? :shrug:


December 2010 my wife and I were in line at ee behind John flaherty and his family. As die hard Yankee fans it was a cool experience and he (and his wife) were really cool and talked to us the whole wait.

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I thought I saw George Clooney in one of the shops on Main St. in the Magic Kingdom but as I got closer I realized it was just my reflection in the window.


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While working at EPCOT, I met a few...

N'SYNC(before they were well-known), Natatiana Aly(Fresh Prince), Shawn Colvin, and my all-time favorite celebrity I met was DIANA ROSS. And to think, I didn't even know I was talking to her!

Then at the Animal Kingdom, I did security for Collin Raye(Country Singer)

I even met Jamie Lee Curtis, but not at WDW. She was just finished shooting for the day at Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, NC as we toured it with our security guard friend! She was very cool, funny! She said people treat them like Gods because they make movies, but they get yellow stains and skid marks in their underwear too! We roared!


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It was a trip in the 1990s, and I was pretty young, but I don't remember which one. Meat Loaf came out of some secret door in Space Mountain (was it by the loading area? someone with more knowledge of how it was built will know) and bypassed everyone in line to get on. I didn't really know who he was, but my mother kept shouting, "Hey, Danny, look! It's Meat Loaf!" :)


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My most famous celebrity ( and only) in all my years was......Fran Fracilla...college basketball coach at st johns,PC,and others


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In 2000, a huge crowd gathered right outside of its a small world... michael jackson was exiting, umbrella and all, AMAZING:king:
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