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Haunted Mansion


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if you cant find it there, ill give u a brief expliantion.

the face in the crytal ball is named Madame Leota and her head is a styrophone ( i dont know how to spell that) head and her face is projected onto the head to seem like she is talking. when your right in the center of the room, you cant see the projector but right before you enter the bnall room scene, look back and u can see the light from the projector.


i love that ride!


Re: if you cant find it there, ill give u a brief expliantion.

Originally posted by minnie85
before you enter the bnall room scene, look back and u can see the light from the projector.

How's this possible? The projector is located into the head, as shown on the scheme below:


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Yeah..its projected from the inside out...it would be near impossible for them to get a clear picture if it was done the other way (try projecting film thru a crystal ball...doesnt work too well)..


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It's done in the same way as all the buzz animatronis on SRS, it is a plastic or styraphome in this case head that has as image projected on it from inside


Actually the madame leaota in Disneyland and in Disneyland paris use the same digital video fiber optics technology used in Buzz. That is a large diameter bunch of Fiber optics is run from a digital source IE a digital projector up into the head into a lens that projects it on the inside of her head. In WDW's case it is still the old 16mm bin loop system developed by WED. You can still see the old projector in front of the crystal ball when you come in and when your directly in fron t of it you can still see the glare. Unfortunatly The newer technology has not been intergrated in the WDW (japan i am unaware about) the only part of the mansion that does finally use the digital projectors is the Singing busts in the graveyard and unfortunatly since the soundtracks are still the old fashion kind they dont sing in cue with the rest of the graveyard. Also the little leota at the end is still 16mm. When the fiber technology is finally implemented in WDW's mansion (Which needs a Major rehab bad) it will be of a lower show quality

Ps at the mansions in DL and DLP because of the technology Madame leotas table floats and moves.

Any ?'s feel free to email


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How do they synchronize "mickey" in fireworks?

How in the world does DW and DL get the finale fireworks to synchronize a triple firework blast in the shape of the famous mickey ears all at once???? And it works every time!!!

PLUS: How do they get fireworks to simulate Perfect shooting stars over the castles at the parks????

I LOVE it so much! It's so magical the way they do that!!




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mickey in fireworks

the fireworks shells are fired by a system that is running "time code"( a digital signal in the soundtrack) which ignites an electric match in the shells so they can send up several shells at one time and can be timed to the music. the mickey "ears" are three shells fired all at once the mortars from which the shells are shot are aimed in the
0 0
0 pattern.

The shooting "stars" are an item we call tiger tails or comets, it's just a fireworks shell which burns brightly as it leaves the mortar from which it was fired then burns out

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