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Haunted Mansion vs. Splash Mountain

Haunted Mansion or Splash Mountain?

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To start off the many which is the better quality ride polls, I decided to start with a big one! This is a very tough poll. These polls will be the WDW versions of each ride, since this is the Disney World parks section of the forums. I am doing Disneyland and Universal polls in their resceptive forums.

They both are the two best rides in Magic Kingdom. They both are super iconic and are universally loved by all Disney fans. They both are classics but yet could still be considered fresh and modern. They both have catchy songs, so many animatronics, tons of dark ride scenes, and a great story.

Also, both have movies that are universally disliked. Song of the South was banned in the US for it's racism and Haunted Mansion is met with bad reviews and low percentages by movie critics.

Both are super immersive and have top notch theming, but which ride is the better ride in terms of quality? Becoming the 1,000 happy haunt, or splashing down into the briar patch?

Haunted Mansion
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Splash Mountain

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Corey P

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I haven't been able to make it through the Haunt Mansion in a decade without it stopping at least once and in one case it stopped like 5 times. Destroys the effects and the ride so Splash for me.

Chef Mickey

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I haven't been able to make it through the Haunt Mansion in a decade without it stopping at least once and in one case it stopped like 5 times. Destroys the effects and the ride so Splash for me.
Splash easily has more broken effects than The Haunted Mansion. It’s not even close. I ride both ~30 times per year.

Haunted Mansion typically only slows. If it’s stopping, it’s usually guest related, not a maintenance issue.

Marc Davis Fan

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I’m a Disneyland local, and I’m always surprised how much better the WDW versions of Splash and HM are (especially Splash, but the extra scenes of in HM make a big difference also, IMO). So, we ride these two a lot when we visit WDW.

This is the hardest poll so far. There are both pitch-perfect (as Tom Bricker likes really say) attractions. They’re both 10/10. In terms of how much I enjoy them, it’s a tie.

If I were forced, I’d use the criterion of “impressiveness” to differentiate them (since I find them equally enjoyable), and give HM the edge because of its illusions/effects. You won’t find a better collection of practical effects anywhere - it’s one brilliantly-executed effect after the other - which makes HM something truly unique.


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A very hard choice considering these are two of the finest attractions on property but I’m going to have to go with Splash out of childhood nostalgia.


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I don't think it's correct to say that Song of the South was banned. Rather, Disney has chosen not to release it in this climate that is so easily offended.

That said, my vote was for HM. I enjoy them both, but I'd rather not get wet.


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Vote goes to Splash. HM was top spot but slid down my favorites list after the "rehaunting" and later queue addon. Plus I just generally really REALLY hate the Constance Hatchaway storyline. Splash is timeless. It'll remain my #1 favorite.


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The only downside to Splash is that it seems to have more broken effects than just about any other ride in MK. Turtles not moving in the caverns, Brer Rabbit not jumping, gator not moving close to the end, Mr. Bluebird’s beak has been on again, off again for years, etc.


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The two are pretty equal... picking one when you are there is never about which one you like most it comes down to which one has the shortest line, or whether you are willing to walk around in wet clothes.... At night in the times of the year when it is somewhat cool at night I wouldn't ride splash mountain if you paid me to... but when its the middle of summer in the middle of the day a whole different story. If you have to pick only one its HM simply because you can always ride it while the weather will sometimes make Splash a ride to avoid.


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I love both and missing either one would make me sad.
Regarding broken effects, I've experienced it in both. One time there was no sound in Splash and that totally changed the experience!
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