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Haunted Mansion has glowing entrance signs now


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The signs were just added and are very bright.


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Ok, I hope your right. They look like they would be fine during the day, but they look in the picture like they might be too bright for the area.


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The attraction plaque should be returning on either end of the entrance area. I've seen pix without the glare and it looks much better in those. You can tell by looking at the other lights in the picture presented here that the bright spots are way too bright for what they should be. I will check them again and report back as I will be working at Mansion into the evening the next few nights.

Captain Neo

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Wow. That's the straw that broke the camels back?

No if you look at my previous posts I haven't been to WDW since '08 and will not be going back any time soon but i'm just saying if I had any inclination to go to see the mine train ride or visit Epcot I have been deterred by this recent development.

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