Haunted Mansion Christmas Overlay Dates?


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Hi all.

I'm thinking of visiting Disneyland for the first time and I'd love to experience the Haunted Mansion first without the overlay.

When does the ride stop running as the normal Haunted Mansion? And when is the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay added? Hopefully the dates for these are given to the public?

Thanks for your help and input!

EDIT: Disney confirmed on their website that the normal Haunted Mansion closes on August 26th, 2019. And it will re-open on September 6th with the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay applied.

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Generally they do not release the exact dates, but you can expect it to go down mid-late August. The overlay then runs from the beginning of the Halloween event (usually starting about two weeks after Labor Day) through January 7 or so, when the overlay comes down. The regular ride then returns in late January if they're not doing a longer refurbishment.

Have you been on the WDW version of the Mansion? If so, you may as well come to DL whenever fits your schedule as the two mansions are not massively different from each other for most people. The differences are notable for nitpickers and HM obsessives like myself, but the differences aren't as profound as some of the other attractions.


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Also, the Hatbox Ghost is present in both versions, for now, I know there were rumors right before Sally showed up that HBG would become the Mayor but there hasn’t been anything about that since.

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Don't put words in my post. I'm fully prepared to accept HMH into my life. There's simply no escaping its inevitable yearly return. It's not like they're ever going to get rid of it. Ever. Just like they'll never get rid of the E.T. ride at Universal.


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Thank you for your replies everyone.

Is the ride shut-down for a long time time while they install the overlay? Or is it an overnight process?

Could I ride the original Haunted Mansion on August 18th and then ride the NBX overlay version the next day? Or a day or two later?

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I'm glad I saw this thread since I just booked my vacation for the 13th -17th. Thanks for providing the shutdown date. I asked a cast member yesterday, but she didn't have the info yet. I find it so disappointing that this classic gets this overlay for such a long period of time. I'm sure Chapek will come up with some grand idea like a Pixar Valentine's overlay running from January - March.

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You should try to make HMH at some point, it's IMO the best overlay Disneyland has to offer. The only reason people on here ding it is because it takes over another great attraction for a few months. Personally, visiting HM in Disney World is enough for me.

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