News Hatbox Ghost coming to Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion


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Looks like the artichoke is steamed.

I guess I need to go back to the Pixie Dust dispensary and refresh my supply so I can get high with you all. Is that how it works? I don't like it. Big deal. Some of y'all hate Beacons of Light, I think it's the best thing at Epcot in decades.

I'm sure Bob will thank y'all kindly when y'all run out and grab up the latest cheaply produced HBG merch.

I won’t be buying any merchandise. I think it’s hilarious you claim are so easily impressed but in the same vein talk about how we didn’t like Beacons of Magic. I am ambivalent to it. I also think Moana is a waste of space in Epcot.

So no, what you need to do is stop making broad, sweeping (insulting) comments about those of us who think something you don’t like is cool.


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If they can’t be stated publicly how do we really know that? I know people have said it’s impossible but I am not buying it. It wasn’t impossible it was just much cheaper and easier to put him by the endless hallway.
The reason I hear is to tie him into the stupid movie.


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I'm bored with this discussion now. Cheerio chap! 💕
Of course you are. You got called out for your ridiculous responses, so much so you changed the one that started this exchange. But rather than saying “you’re right, poor choice of words, I apologize” you go the social media “I can never be wrong” route, claim your bored and done, place cute little hearts on it, and go change the wording.

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For reference...and to continue speculating as to why the Hatbox Ghost couldn't go in the same place! I don't actually care, but I thought these maps might be interesting to look at!
This project feels weird all-around, like a square peg forced into a round hole.

The type of HM superfan who would know the history of the Hatbox Ghost is also the type of person who would care about the scene composition of the endless hallway and/or the Leota Rule (TM). And, unlike other controversial additions (Guardians, Moana, etc), it's not like the general public will book a trip to see it.

Maybe they anticipated that the HM movie would be more popular, and they were too far into the project when the movie's audience failed to materialize?

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