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Has "The Prologue and The Promise" (the horizons mural) survived at all?


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I'm having a classic future world phase ; I'm thinking about relics of lost attractions, I was wondering is the horizon mural has survived at all?

Master Yoda

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I don't think it did. @marni1971 will know for sure.


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It’s something I’ve never found an answer to. I do know when the later “GE” corridor was built in 1986 it was built inside of the mural wall, not as a replacement. The mural wall could have remained behind the light show corridor.


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Cue the "WaltDisneyWorld History" mural wall pin series, with a chunk of the mural embedded in each pin.

Bonus: Buy the whole series and you can re-create the mural in the warehouse of your choice.
I remember seeing the pins - somewhere - I comes flooding back and remember seeing the horizons muela there...
Thanks, I couldn't recall something so obscure, so suddenly.
Again, many thanks ; that mural pin is on my wanted list, I will get it - no matter how many dollars are expended.
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