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Harley-Davidson Motor Cycles store moving to the Town Center at Disney Springs


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I know AMC is up for a major renovation. Could this be related? (Pure conjecture on the relation)
That AMC just got the Dolby screen up and going and I know there are some long term plans to try to upgrade. This probably isn't related but the dine-in side is the first likely to get an overhaul so maybe?


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To me, the big issue still seems to be the traffic pattern from Harley down to Cirque. If you enter in the lime garage, you are probably not going to walk towards Cirque then backtrack. There is also not many great shops on the West Side and the most popular dining is going to be in Town Center near Blaze, DLux, Morimoto, Frontera, etc. All of those offer great quick service options while the West side doesn't really compare.


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Not to mention there is a supposed rumor of a refresh of Marketplace that was supposed to have taken place by now, or at the beginning of 2018.


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I wonder what will take Harley's location - that place is also prime real estate.

How about Marvel Super Hero store? The current Marvel super hero store is tiny and leaves a lot to be desired. There's also no Marvel presence at the Disney store. Compare that to Star War, which has two stores and a fairly decent presence at the Disney store. With the Fox buyout, X-Men and Fantastic Four merchandise will start getting a push again, needing more space. Current Marvel store can be used for an Avatar store and/or some other properties from Fox, i.e. Simpsons, Planet of the Apes, Aliens etc.


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Photo update as of Friday, January 5, 2018. Harley-Davidson closed on The West Side. See sign at entrance about new store opening.



The new location....as yet unopened.


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