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Trip Report Hark The Herald Wives Have Power!


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🎶Peace on Earth and mercy mild. Two wives together and their powers ran wild🎶!

But Keith, whatever do you mean by that title? Ok, I'll explain. This trip was 10 days total and for the last four days of the trip, another couple we are friends with joined us. They are the only couple we hang out with that are Disney nerds as much as us and beer snobs as well. They are members on the forums here so hopefully they will chime in and add some commentary. C and I invited them a few weeks before our trip and they said yes. I just didnt mention it in my PTR in the event that plans changed, but they didnt and we seriously had a blast! L (the other husband) and I quickly learned that our wives formed like Voltron and became more powerful than we could possibly imagine 😁. L and I make many of the same "husband mistakes" and the girls had fun taking us down a peg, in a loving fashion of course, lol.

With all that being said...welcome to my TR!! Lets do this!!

C was at her moms house and I was at our place so we could tend to the animals before heading out. I stayed up all night and headed out around 2 am to pick her up. We hit the road nice and early!



Itty Bitty (the cat) was nice and comfy as we said our goodbyes to her and the other cats.

C had gotten some sleep so she took the wheel for the first leg of the trip.


We made good time getting through the city and past the Macon bypass. I was able to get some sleep and we made our first stop for a bathroom break.



I had posted "Shirley status" for the rest stop bathroom and mentioned how dirty it was and @Tuvalu revoked the status and said it doesnt count if the bathroom was as dirty as I described, and I completely agree with her. Access denied! lol.

I took over driving from here and soon we were in Gainesville for our "must do" at Maple Street Biscuit.



That is a bacon egg and cheese biscuit in a to-go cup. We always get it to-go so we can back on the road. We listened to the Jimmy Fallon show skits of him and celebrities reading bad Yelp reviews in dramatic fashion. It is HILARIOUS if you havent seen/heard them. And soon after... we were home (Boardwalk)

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I’m here and ready to chime in and correct you when necessary 😂
C already keeps me on a sort leash, and now it looks like i'll have a prong collar on as well 😁 😁 😁
I’m also here...let’s get in some more trouble @wdisney9000 !! 😇 We had such a great time we have decided that hopefully this will become a tradition!! 😉
Im pretty sure that we are always in trouble unless told otherwise by the girls, lol! Glad you guys are here for the report and I think this is definitely going to be a tradition. And of course we will need to add more days to the trip!


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Day 1 ctd

We had arrived around 10 am and the room wasnt ready so we headed over to Epcot. Welcome home. That purple light life!!


I had gotten a FP for Soarin so we headed to the Land to meet up with Chief Flight Attendant Patrick.



The CM's freak out if you dont sit down right away. Whenever I stand in front of the row to get a picture they come over right away and tell you to take a seat as if you dont have 2 minutes before they even come back to check seat belts.

After we landed, we headed over to Mouse Gear because there is a limited release Christmas Pandora charm set and C wanted to snag it. The CM there told her there were all sold out and there was absolutely no way they were getting any more in. C asked if she could check any of the other locations and the woman was extremely adamant that it was not possible to get the set and Pandora was not sending anymore. C was pretty bummed out so we went over to Norway for a time honored tradition of Ale and Auss



We stopped at Italy pavilion because C wanted some Aqua di Parma (perfume).



Fun Fact: she actually doesnt wear it, she just sprays it around the house occasionally. Its a bonus for me because I will walk in and the house smells like Italy pavilion.

I really liked the secent that was in the black bottle and she got one for me as a Christmas present. Ive mentioned before that C worked for Chanel and she knows her stuff for all the major houses (Gucci, Prada, etc) and she always has a good conversation with the CM's who work the shops. The CM who sold us the fragrance loaded her up with lots of free samples. They usually will give you a few if you make a purchase, but he tossed in more than I could count. Score!

Soon after, we got the room ready text and headed back to the resort.


Jamming out in Moroco


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Day 1 ctd

We had a studio room for the first 3 days of the trip and then we will transfer to a 1 br villa. C got right to sanitizing the room as usual.




She is happy when she cleans.

We had a pool/garden view and the balcony was right in front several trees and the views was pretty much leaves. So here are a few pics of the room. The studios at BWV are very nice, IMO. Bright colors and subtle Disney touches.



One last final sanitary action to be done...


With the room all clean is was time to freshen up before we headed back to the parks. As I took my shoes off, there was in immediate odor and it was not a smelly feet odor. I took a wiff of my shoe and it was instantly recognizable ... cat pee!!! B.K. , one of our female cats is known to do this but she hadnt done it in a very long time. She must have done it before I left. No idea how i didnt smell it before. Needless to say, those sneakers would be useless for the trip.


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day 1 ctd...

I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas!

After we cleaned up the room and my cat pee smelling foot, we headed over to Yacht Club to get some burgers at our favorite spot, Crews Cup. Unfortunately, in our excitement to eat, we had forgotten that they dont open until 430 pm. We turned around and headed to Hollywood Studios for our back up spot, Baseline Taphouse!


C went with the Scrimshaw Pilsner and I had the Stone IPA. We got the cheese and meat board as a snack since we still wanted to go back to Crews Cup for burgers later.

A few minutes after we sat down, I noticed someone walk out of the bar area and my eyes must have gotten big as C said, "what are you looking at?" I saw a Disney vlogger whose show I watch every morning. I saw that they were actually recording and didnt want to disturb them. A few minutes later they had stopped recording and I went over to say hello.


It was Molly from All Ears! She has a very fun youtube channel and I highly recommend it to any Disney fan. She was very nice. I was very nervous, lol. We talked for a few moments and I thanked her for all her hard work and for the many mornings I have enjoyed watching her show while I had my coffee.

I watch several Disney vloggers and we had never seen any in the parks during all of our trips so this was a pretty cool moment for me. Best Meet and Greet Ive had in years!

We rode Midway Mania after our drinks and snacks. We must have been tired because neither of us did well.


Afterwards, we headed towards the front and C wanted to stop in Pandora and look around. There was a very nice CM named Nahtalia who was very knowledgeable and had helped her in October and C was hoping she was there. Unfortunately, she was not. But C still looked around.


A woman came over and asked C if she needed help. C told her that she was just browsing and that she was bummed out since the Holiday Charm set was all sold out. C told her that the CM at Mouse Gear Pandora told her there was no way they were getting any more in. The woman asked her to hold on a moment while she made a phone call. She took out her personal cell phone and made a call. A few minutes later, she hung up and told us she had good news! She explained she was the manger of the HS Pandora store and she was good friends with a Pandora rep who was higher up the chain. She informed us that the Pandora shop at MK had just received a very small shipment and they would not be putting them out until the next morning. She said that we should get there at rope drop because there were only a few sets and they would go fast! She gave us the name of the manager who would be there in the morning and to ask for her. C was over the moon! They spent a few minutes talking and then we headed out.

It hard started to drizzle so we decided we would head back to the room. On our way out, it started actually raining so we stopped under the cover of the restrooms by the bus stop. We caught a nice show of a truck pushing a bus out of the way. It kept us entertained until there was a break in the rain and we made a dash to the room.




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Day 1 ctd

We made a quick stop at the room for some fresh clothes since we got wet on the walk back. We headed back over to Crews Cup and we were starving at this point. C had been craving a filet mignon burger all day. I grabbed a beer for the walk over.


Upon arriving, they were open, but they were completely packed. Not even a seat at the bar was open! C's facial expression looked like the Dad in A Christmas Story when his leg lamp broke.

C was done. She said she just wanted to go back to the room and call it a day. She was hungry and very fussy. Going to World Showcase or Epcot would require more walking than we were willing to do at that point so I suggested we grab a quick bite at ESPN Club. Normally, C would refuse but she was that hungry, lol.

We ordered a round of drinks an appetizer to start.



C was already in a better mood and I was back to #1 status.

I ordered the nachos and C got the Reuben.



Both meals were ok, but nothing to write home about. The food there has gone downhill and the price has skyrocketed over the last few years. We also made the mistake of saying we had TiW card too early and the waiter seemed less than enthused to serve us. We've learned to not say we have the card until the meal is over. I would think a server would be happy to know that they are at least getting an 18% tip, especially with disney food prices. With our discount, the price was still around $60 and his tip was decent. Normally we would leave and extra few bucks to make it an even 20% or even more if the service is good, but we just left it as is this time.

When we left, C said she was good on going back there for at least a decade, lol. I was inclined to agree. Years ago, I would go there almost every night and have a beer or two after returning from the parks, but its just not the same anymore. I prefer Big River now. Much better service and better prices.

We returned to the room for a good nights sleep. C wanted us up bright and early to be at MK for rope drop! I had to run down to the front desk real quick and I noticed a group of kids walk in. It was a choir group and they began singing Christmas carols for the whole lobby. It was awesome and they were VERY good!


I stayed for several minutes and enjoyed the show. It was a great finish to our first day!
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