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Hardest hotel reservations


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Are there any hotel reservations that need to be made 499 days in advance the same way some ADRs/FP are off the board at 180/60 days? If not, how far in advance do the hardest to get reservations get booked? Do any hotels fully book 6+ months before an average time of year?


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1. No

2. There really aren't many ADRs or FPs that are like that either. People go way overboard with that stuff on these boards. It's almost never necessary outside of Free Dine, Christmas, or brand new attractions.


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The Epcot area resorts (Yacht Club/Beach Club/Boardwalk Inn) can have some challenges during Epcot Food and Wine Festival dates and at times when there are large conferences (Gartner is one)

Some value resorts can be impossible to book on dates in February due to cheer and other youth group events.

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Yes, but the average person will never experience it outside of the rooms @DisneyJoe mentioned.

There are a number of suites and exclusive type rooms that remained booked almost constantly. In addition, some club level rooms during the week between Christmas and Newyears can be booked up way in advance.


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Agreed with the Beach Club Villas... if you don’t book 11 months out and you need more than a studio then good luck.
Also, not sure if anyone else has noticed but to get a Standard View club level room has been quite challenging as of late. I used to be able to book it 3-6 months out without a problem now I’m having to book it at least 8 months out and even then my success rate isn’t as high as I’d like it. I guess one of the downsides of a healthy American economy. 😝
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