Happy Hour comes to Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar


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This place so overly rated. So so bar food, weak drinks, and it's so small! I went there because I'm a big Indy fan but so disappointed with the place. Even with discounted price, I wouldn't go back.

Eddie Garrison

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We enjoy Jock Lindeys & think it's great they have a "happy hour" menu. We were there a few days ago & had the Jock's Loaded Nachos. There were fine. Nothing special, but overall fine. Nothing like the Pub Nachos at the ESPN Club. However, it's bar food & I'm good with it for only $7.00.

$25.00 for a pitcher of beer is ridiculous but it is Disney. We just stuck with what we always ordered there as far as adult beverages.

We have got to know many of the bartenders & staff there and always have a fun time when we hang out there. It's location in Disney Springs is also appealing to us as we frequent The Boathouse, Raglan & Morimotos often. All right there.


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If I was there after 6pm, do you know if I'd be able to order the Belloq's Bacon Fries? Even if they were more money are they available at any time? Or just during happy hour?


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I can tell the food is discounted, but goodness what's the regular alcohol prices there?
Might check it out still since I'm off on Mondays.
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MKCP 1985

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I popped in on my last trip down when I had a little time on my hands. There wasn't a whole lot of appeal mid-afternoon but figured (hoped) things pick up in the evenings. Maybe happy hour will entice some people to try it for the first time.


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Was in there Saturday at 7 PM and it was EMPTY. I remember when it first opened, you cou;dn't get near the place. Drinks are weaker and food is a lower quality now.

Eddie Garrison

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I agree. The drinks have certainly been "Disney-fied"; a shame really. It was a great place.

I don't know. I think it depends on what you order. I (typically) drink Crown on the rocks and it tastes like Crown at The Hangar Bar, just like anywhere else :)

Never been a fan of the "Specialty Drinks" at Disney or anywhere for that matter. Too many mixers, fruit, etc. to taste what I want to taste. Just my preference of course.

Eddie Garrison

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Disney Springs doesn't appear to be the home run Disney was hoping.

Probably not.

Even when we go during the week there are a lot of people there. Not to the point of waiting to eat at any place. Still, there are a lot of people there eating, drinking, shopping.

I'll reserve judgement until it is completed fully. Still some things that are no where close to being opened as well as some getting closer.

As locals, we love it. We're there a few times a week. We do appetizer/drink hoping at our favourites & have a great time. Though I can see that it is probably not what Disney envisioned for visiting guests. To me, it really never was nothing more than a few restaurants and shopping to begin with. Even when Pleasure Island was there.

I like the new offerings as far as bars and restaurants. Far better now than what it was before. My opinion of course :)


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I didn't mean it like that. Sorry if it came across like that. My apologies. I wasn't trying to brag or anything like that. Again, sorry if it came off that way.
No offense taken. I should have said "I wish I could....". I just short handed it too much.

I'm glad people ARE enjoying DS. I like a lot of the new stuff and am concerned that Disney may have super saturated the market down there. Their philosophy seems to be way too much is just enough.....until it all crashes.

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