happy birthday epcot!!!!!!!!


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Happy 30th birthday! Post your fav. epcot memories!!!
Mine arethe special meet and greats at the disney chase visa place
Irish dancing at epcot way back in 2005 with my irish dance school
and who can forget the infamous drinking around the world
no matter what, you will always keep a special place in my heart <3
p.s. thank you for via napoli , le cellier, and tutto italia.


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Never forget that it was I who came up with that anniversary tagline/motto five years ago, long before it showed up on the official commemorative 25th Anniversary t-shirt! My proof may be found by clicking right here! (P.S. The entire thread that I just linked to is a wonderful time capsule of this board's sentiments five years ago when it was up in the air as to whether a 25th anniversary celebration would even happen at all. I suggest you skim it.)

Favorite memories:

Trying a Grand Marnier slush for the first time.
The entire Mitsukoshi shop!
L'Originale Alfredo's, the window in the waiting room into the pasta-making kitchen and the round sofa in the center.
The original SeaCabs.
Buying a paperweight at Yong Feng Shangdian.
Buying a Murano glass angel fish at Il Bel Cristalo.


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Happy Birthday Epcot!!!!!!!!!!!

Funniest memory has to be watching my brother-in-law run like a big girls blouse when being chased by some seagulls near canada. This was back in 2008 when mcdonalds had a food stand near canada. Never laughed so much tears were running down my face.


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Happy 30th Epcot!

I first visited Epcot in the spring of 1983. I have to admit, after the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT took some time to get used to. Like so many, I was expecting "Magic Kingdom Plus". As twenty-something year olds, we thought it was too educational (like going to a museum) and not enough fun. We didn't like the World Showcase at all. ("What, eating, shopping, and boring movies?").

By the time my DW and I went on our first trip together 10 years later, my tastes had changed while Epcot had grown more exciting. Wonders of Life and Maelstrom had opened while DW and I together appreciated the eating, shopping, and especially drinking ;) aspects a lot more.

The first trip with our children in 2001 was interesting. Epcot had evolved into a more kid friendly park. DDs loved Figment while everyone enjoyed Test Track. The simple Kidcot (not sure if that was open in 2001) coloring spots kept the children surprisingly entertained. They also liked sampling the foods.

Now we've bought a DVC at BWV just so we can be within walking distance of Epcot. Like a fine wine, you're getting better with age!


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Happy Birthday Epcot! Can't be there this morning, but gonna try for the 50th in 20yrs!
Favorite memories are all of the visits in the '80s.

Hey where's that Dreamfinder guy???


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Happy Birthday!

I'll never forget seeing Spaceship Earth up close for the first time (way back in the early 80's) and one of my earliest memories is seeing the water effects outside of Imagination. Also, Horizons. It was unbelievable how innovative that pavilion was. I was fascinated with the original Seas, and the Land became a lunch time tradition.

If I could only go back, for EPCOT and my age...


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30 years ago today...I was 14...which is an interesting age at that time to visit Epcot...I enjoyed it then and I love it today...


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Happy Birthday Epcot! You all started from One little Spark of Inspiration in Uncle Walt's Mind! May you only get better with time!


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Happy birthday to the greatest theme park in the world! All my Epcot memories are amazing, but my favorite is when i went as a 10 year old with my buddy, and our interaction with figment. He was picking on us, making jokes, threw my buddies had in the fountain (by accident). He spent 15 minutes with us alone. That and the first time I completed drink around the world.


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As a kid we never went to Disney much. I can remember some rare times, but one thing that has ALWAYS stood out in my mind is Spaceship Earth. That ride inspired me, and probably is a large part of my career choice today.


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Happy 30th birthday, Epcot:
Favorite memories:

Tapestry of Dreams parade
Riding Spaceship Earth (Jeremy Irons version) and getting goosebumps listening to his voice
Watching Illuminations with friends and family
Having to visit every Kidcot station in World Showcase with my son when he was little
Discovering what a treasure the living with the land boat ride is


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Favorite Memories ... the Nautilus on Display at the Living Seas ... United Technologies ... The Hydrolators and the Pre Show Film for The Living Seas ... 'Try to imagine ...' So cool.


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Happy Birthday Epcot!
Some of my favorite memories include the Tapestry of Nations parade, the original Imagination, the original Canada movie, the awesome entrance to the Living Seas through the hydrolators and then the Sea Cabs, my kids fighting about the choice for the "final return" at Horizons, "veggie-veggie fruit-fruit",....I could go on, but one post that I made back in 2006 remains for me the most magical experience we ever had there:

I have so many stories about magical times with my own family, many of which I've shared on previous threads, but I guess my most memorable one was with my "other" family. Some of you know the story, and I'll try to keep it brief.
Seven years ago, our pastor's wife lost a 2 year battle with breast cancer, leaving behind three very young children (ages 2, 5, and 7). At the time, two of us were helping him with the children, while raising our own families as well. The other family had reservations for a Disney vacation in July, as did we, so while trying to arrange our schedules so that one of us would still be here for the kids, we casually asked him if he'd like to go too. Much to our surprise he said yes, so with the help of a CM friend of ours, we made reservations for our family and his at the Beach Club, while the other family stayed at the Contemporary. When we made the reservations, we didn't realize that we would be there on his wife's birthday.
The week was stressful, partly because we were trying so hard to make sure they had a good time - hard to explain, kind of that elephant in the living room thing.... Anyway, the night of her birthday, he surprised us with dinner reservations at the Biergarten. He and his wife had met in Germany, and this seemed the perfect way to celebrate her birthday. I had serious doubts about going there, but for the first time all week, I saw the magic there. The band, our hostess (Sylvia), the food, the drinks, it just all came together that night, and after a whole lot of tears, we all realized that it was OK to have fun again. I'll never forget it. After dinner we stepped outside just as Illuminations was starting - that song has never meant more to me.


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Happy bday Epcot! :)

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