Happy Birthday, DMC-12!!!


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Happy Birthday Jer!!! :king:


I can haz Lights of Winter?
Hey gang!

Greetings from WDW!

I know i have not been on all that much, or at all really during the last week. but you can only do so much with a pocket PC and a GPRS data connection...lol.

Thanks for all the happy b-day wishes gang! I had tonga toast @ The Poly this morn. So that was a great start to a good b-day! lol!

I will be at Epcot tomorrow hanging out, so if anyone wants to cause some mischief with me, lol, hit me up on the cell.. i will be there later in the afternoon.

looking forward to seeing the 4min holiday tag on illuminations !

take care gang, and i will try to check back in next week when i get back to the windy city.

thanks again!



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It must be awesome spending your birthday at the greatest resort ever! Happy birthday, and...Hope you had the time of your life!!


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JER! I hope you had a Wonderful Birthday. I'm glad you got to spend it at the World, I can't imagine a better birthday...AND Tonga Toast also...Woohoo. Have a Great time! See ya on the boards when you get back.


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