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Happy birthday Brown!


New Member
Why thank you very much Lil'mermaid......
My son (4) told me that he bought me a giant robot for my birthday so I could pull up all the stumps that hurricane Isabel left behind in the Fall!

I'm scared to go home!:animwink: -Steve


New Member
Originally posted by Lil'mermaid
Oh, and also, Happy birthday from my mom (tigsmom) :sohappy: :sohappy:

Happy B-Day Brown. You should be getting a complimentary Birthday Fruit Basket from WDWMAGIC sometime this week. (Stay away from the bananas.)

Lil Mermaid... your mom is Tigsmom? I like to think of her as... The Godmother :animwink:


New Member
I sure like fruit...thanks! I'll get my check for $300 out asap.

BTW Chris - have you played with the Office Space soundboard at ebaumsworld.com? Too much

Find the starwars kid video on that site too...you'll flip. - Steve


New Member
Happy Birthday, Mr. B!:king:

"To Do Is To Be" -- Socrates

"To Be Is To Do" -- Plato

"Do Be Do Be Do" -- Sinatra


New Member
Originally posted by NashvilleMouse
your mom is Tigsmom? I like to think of her as... The Godmother :animwink:

Amen to that. I keep waiting to wake up and find the Horses head next to me (and NO, my wife is really quite attractive, makes me wonder why she married a loser like me...see Julia and Lyle)

Happy B-Day rook.


New Member
Thaks to all for the birthday wishes!
I did not get a giant robot however my wife bought me a wench....for my 4-wheeler! -Steve

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