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Handwich vs. Bread Cones


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What has made the bread cones so relatively successful, compared to their earlier incarnation as the Handwich?

Also, are the bread cones still being brought out every year on a seasonal basis?


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I suspect that is because novelty food is an in thing right now, people are more likely to buy it for the filling.

The Handwich was more of a "normal" sandwich - ham and cheese, tuna salad, and I think pulled pork.

Now you are looking at Mac & Cheese with Bacon. Right away that sells, no matter how bad it is, or in what format. You could stick it in a old shoe and you will still have people raving about the "oooey gooey goodness plus it's bacon". Chili is almost the same way.

With a ham & cheese or a tuna salad sandwich, the quality of the bread is a big part of the deal. The cone format was not an improvement.

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