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Halloween party date and ticket question


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We booked a last minute trip for 10/30-11/04. I did not get tickets yet. I myself have a 4-day park hopper ticket already, so I just need to buy tickets for my husband and two kids (6-8).

I’m thinking a 3 or 4 day base. I was also looking at the after 12 tickets. We were just there in March AND I’ll be 6 months pregnant when we go so we’re not going full force this trip. If I buy them now, can I change and upgrade them once I get there? Also- does anyone know if I can ask them to upgrade one day to a park hopper once im there?

I also need to buy the Halloween party tickets. Here’s my questions, should I do the Halloween party 11/01? Or feel like my kids are still young enough they wouldn’t know if it was actually Halloween or not. Or should I just do 10/31?


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Yes, you can upgrade.
You can’t add PH for one day. It’s a flat rate per ticket whether you do it one day or 10.
Personal choice. Both will be likely sold out well in advance.
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