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News Halloween offerings coming to Typhoon Lagoon this year


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After reading this I'm thinking first and last.... All those wrappers in the water or beach sand, but glad they are always adding something.


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Cleaning crews will need to disinfect/clean the water a lot better after the party if Halloween debris and guest Halloween make up gets into the guest water areas.


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Typhoon Lagoon is easily my favorite Disney Park. I’d be all over this, if I were there.

Honestly, if you haven’t been to Typhoon, go! The crowds are low, no FP+, no ADR, no planning. Just do what you want, when you want. It’s so refreshing. It’s so simple.

It does get pretty crowded in the summer, but in general I completely agree with you. It's so refreshing to just show up, have fun, do whatever you want, eat whenever you want and not have to deal with all the hyper-planning madness that is basically required to tour the regular theme parks.

And it's truly some the best theming you'll see anywhere in WDW.

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