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News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind Virtual Queue and Lighting Lane status


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Anyone happen to know how long the Individual LLs last for this? We’re starting our day at MK on Saturday but had hoped to ride when we hop to Epcot in the afternoon.

According to Thrill-Data, the Individual lightning Lane was available until around 12:55pm today -




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7am drop lasted for 5.39 secs.

BG's 1-12 called at 8:10am as part of the initial wave.
I got BG 13 for relatives. Callback notification was pushed 8:13a

Edited to add at 7:02 relatives checked. Anticipated callback was 9:46 with a 10 minute wait. An option was offered to bypass the VQ wait at 9:20a for $17 per guest.
Link to purchase ILL.

What a deal. $17 to possibly save 26 minutes...which really meant paying $17 to ride more then an hour later.

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GOTG: Cosmic Rewind has been open for exactly a month now (31 days exactly).

So now we can look at the trends for the past month!
  • 7am drops are slowly trending upwards.
  • 1pm drops remain, for the most part, open for great lengths – with a few exceptions like Mondays.
  • 6pm drops are the quickest of 'em all, but are also slowly trending longer.

Given CR's high capacity, it's good to see the afternoon drops lasting longer, as it gives the average guest time to ride the newest headliner. Also park hoppers are eligible for most days during the week, particularly on the weekends.

Comparing to past VQ offerings like ROTR and Rat, CR is already beating these two, thanks to many variables like ride capacity, park capacity, height requirement, etc.


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We watched Harmonious at the northernmost part of world showcase and went immediately to Guardians after the show ended. Unobstructed walk all the way to first pre-show. Highly reccomend doing this as well. Everyone with boarding groups around harmonious waits until after, so it seems there will likely be a long wait if you don’t make it quickly.

Also, we were 105 minutes late to our group 15 boarding group earlier and they let us through no questions asked.

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