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News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot


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I think it all boils to expectation that Disney being Disney would make this thing appear to float and not sit on a stand, especially given the concept art. It seems like this would be one of those challenges that given the time and money could have been done. Although perhaps having already spent $450m on this thing the money just wasn't there to do it. Yet it then begs the question, isn't the reason it cost $450 because of things like floating ships?!?
It doesn’t need to look like it is floating. Examples of much more elegant pedestals have been provided. This is sitting on a giant box that has no relation to the actual prop. The top plate is wider than the cockpit. A small city park next to a highway shouldn’t have a more elegant design than a half billion dollar ride.


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Looks good


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This is a much better look IMHO.
Indeed. That industrial support structure just doesn't fit with the presented backstory of the Xandarians showcasing their "advanced" technology in this pavilion at Epcot. At the very least some sort of graceful arching support could have been used that would at least indicate the otherworldly design and the superior tech that you are promised to encounter inside.

This looks like a really nice model that you spent a long time working on, only to have to support it with some of your little brother's Duplos.

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