News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot


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Maybe wild speculation here, but I don’t think the stationary load does any favors when it comes to guest movement. The train waits for them. With the moving load there is the perception of a fixed distance you have to get settled and a visual interruption if you mess up the flow.

I think more moving platforms would make the guests feel they need to be more consistent leading to more consistent dispatch times set by operations. However, we all know they won’t dump someone off the end unbelted.
Even Universal will only allow one guest per day to fall off Hagrid because they weren’t strapped in.

The limit at Rip, Ride Rocket is 10 per hour, of course.


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Color me unimpressed. The Xandarian "star" isn't in high enough contrast against the metallic panels and the visual tension between it's angular rays and the metallic panels grout lines makes it all very distracting. Incompatible design elements. Some improvement could come from simply shifting the entire sign up about 3-5 inches but that still wouldn't address the crappy colorshift being used to ill effect.


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And it was instantly dented three members of the ace construction crew putting this thing together.



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The 2nd slide is a video -

While it was pretty obvious before, because of the paneling, we can add the backlit logo to the pile of cut exterior work to this project. Sweet.

(I know this is the original art but I'm still counting it.

I wonder what cost them more...the logo with color-shift or the paint and gap filler dumped into the same spot for the past years to remove the crack and make the spines smooth? (guys, it's never going to look smooth with just paint)


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Yes, the mirrors looked great, but if you never broiled in that queue with only a digital clock for entertainment, you just don't know.

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