News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot


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Are feelings included in the price of an AP though? Is there club level feelings you can purchase? And do DVC members have to build up the amount of feelings they can use before using them each year?

Feelings are available as an AP upcharge. There isn't a club level, but a concierge level is coming in the near future (pricing TBD). DVC members get an allocation of feelings each use year.

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that is one ugly big box as a backdrop. I’m hooing someone sees how bad it looks and hires a few people to paint a forest on those walls facing the park. I rather see a painted dense forest than a blue wall.
how about planting some Large fast growing Thuja evergreens trees. Those things grow several feet a year and can get huge in just a few years


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I love how we’ve been talking about how annoying and repetitive the box complaints have gotten, but in between our posts are more people complaining about the box like it just showed up yesterday 🤣
I suspect people get upset when they see it in person.

I was at WDW while a friend ran the Princess Half, and I was shocked to see the building’s progress after eight months. It’s enormous and really does ruin views as you ride the monorail into Epcot and views from World Showcase. I was tempted to make a comment on the Boards, but I’m glad I didn’t, because hundreds of nearly identical pages are crazy!


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I wonder if the 'Big Blue Box' could become this?

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