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Guardians of the Galaxy coming to Energy Pavilion at Epcot

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Just not themed like this:

On second thoughts... I'll take a blue shed. :)

Mike S

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I mentioned this in the France thread, but Wonders of Life would be so relevant today if Disney just got off their butts to make it happen. Health (both mental and physical) is majorly important. From nutrition, to sports, to general exercise (like all those races Disney hosts....), to the very important discussion of one's mental health, health is everywhere. I think the line's a little fuzzy between The Land and Wonders for where food should be discussed (Living with the Land has the plants and the restaurant, but Wonders is currently the host pavilion for F&W and F&G), but with a little tweaking, there can still be a nutritional (and F&W) presence.

First things first: the circus theme has got to go. It's dated, and has nothing to do with the wonders of life (unless you count a trapeze artist doing flips 100 feet above the air without a safety net). I'm not sure how I would personally redecorate it, but it should look timeless.

Secondly, include a space for year-round cooking and baking demonstrations. Pass out healthy recipe cards. Encourage audience participation (idk, some lucky guests will assist in the safer aspects, away from sharp things and fire). This nutrition area should also include some games/activities based on MyPlate and serving sizes (I did 4H for 10 years, and while I always participated in nutritional judging and projects, I was constantly astounded about how we overeat).

Thirdly, bring back the exercise area. It should attract all ages. Bikes, trampolines, balance beams (not too high off the ground of course), and anything to test your speed. Kids love to find out how fast they can run or throw. This could also be a permanent residence of RunDisney, giving guests the opportunity to learn more about it.

Now, in terms of the attractions themselves, Inside Out is practically screaming to go into Cranium Command. It could have 5 stellar AAs, and it would be a hit. Big Hero 6 is the other recent film that could become a Wonders of Life attraction, albeit a ride. The Body Wars simulators would actually be a decent fix there, but a) they're gone, and b) I think Big Hero 6 deserves its own original attraction (and not the whip ride that is going to Japan).

The only thing I really cannot figure out what to do with is The Making of Me theater.
Nothing wrong with Making of Me. It had a warning sign outside for parents who might not want their kids to see it.

Princess Leia

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Nothing wrong with Making of Me. It had a warning sign outside for parents who might not want their kids to see it.
I agree that there's nothing wrong with it, but idk if Disney would make a new film or create a new idea instead.

Do you know if there was any outrage over the movie? It had a warning sign, but so did Alien Encounter.


Fully Pfizered!
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So, if we place something with the footprint Martin indicates (less than RnRC's) on the pad that the permit shows and add a connector, it will look like below. The height is in line with the height balloons, but, could be way less. And the connector could be in any number of configurations.



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If any of the buildings would be themed, I'd expect the UoE building. I don't know how they could make it look it by slapping gold/blue/red and awkward shapes on it. Personally, Tron-ifying it would look good. Minimal changes, some nice blue/white/purple LED lighting to accent the "ridges" of it. Still would like to see the solar panels stay even though that's unlikely.

Or (crazy idea) maybe they'll try to make it look like a spaceship? It could be slightly modified to look like one.
The ride building, I could see them doing something similar to DCA's. Still wouldn't look good.
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