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News Guardians of the Galaxy attraction confirmed for Epcot


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If it is, it will be the first improvement of any attraction they've replaced at Epcot.
nah malestrom sucked.. as did WoL. Problem is, they simply haven't replaced WoL yet.. :)

EPCOT became the child for neglected attractions left to run in place until everyone would have enjoyed 'anything' in its place.

Most everything about modern or the future will eventually suck when left to rot in place.

I guess there is innovations.. that proved 'any change' is not always good :)


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Apologies if it’s already been mentioned, but the launch tunnel is visible from in park now. Pictures wouldn’t come out, but you can see the divide in the showbuilding for launch/return. The right side has what appears to be an egress path installed about ten feet into the air, level. The left side has an incline up. Couldn’t tell you which side is which, but an incline sounds more like a launch than a return to me. The visible track that’s currently up is installed on the left side.


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Come on, at least a C- :p

Trolling or not though, it's kind true. Because Marvel apparently doesn't fit into the theme of Epcot ( as it used to be ) people are hating on it and using the massive show building as an excuse to date. If it was Figment or a new Cranium Command, then the Epcot fanboys wouldn't be complaint half as much
Or, maybe, people’s criticisms of the building apply regardless of content.
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